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Ensuring your package is in safe hands will be at the top of your list in terms of importance. We know this, so we have the most commonly asked questions below to give you peace of mind. If there is anything not mentioned and you would like some clarity, give us a call, we are on hand to help 24/7.

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With a couple of simple questions, your package is halfway there: Let us know when what and where.

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If you aren't sure, just the area is fine

We are committed to getting your package to you quickly and efficiently. With a strong network of trusted drivers, we guarantee same day delivery across the UK. The only exception would be for extremely rare circumstances such as weather or restrictions that are out of our control.

The weird and the wonderful, we’ve delivered it. However, due to regulations, we are not able to carry things such as livestock, living animals of any kind, radioactive waste, blood or organs. Also, you may have to pay a larger amount if it is an item of high value.

As soon as your consignment has been delivered, we will notify you instantaneously either by SMS or email, whatever the preference. If the item is for someone else for example and you require proof of receipt, it will be brought back to our offices and we’ll pass it on to you.

In the unlikely event that any issue should present itself, we go above and beyond to rectify it asap. Normal rules will apply which can be viewed in the terms and conditions such as situations that are out of our control (weather).

You will be able to gauge what the best vehicle is for you, by viewing the ‘Our Vehicles’ page which highlights all the vehicle types with their dimensions and capacities.

A lot of same day couriers will cram a few different consignments into one vehicle to save time. At Same Day Team, we want to provide you with a trusted and personal service, so we can guarantee that the vehicle you choose will only contain your consignment and it will go directly to you. This is why we are chosen by so many.

We have access to virtually every type of vehicle in our nationwide fleet. So whether you need a bike courier to urgently to whizz across town or an artic to take a large load across the country the same day, we can make sure you get the right vehicle for the job.

When you speak to one of our dedicated team, you will be given an instant quote with no additional fees added on at any part of the service.

If your item could be prone to accidental damage due to its fragility or material, we would advise packaging it as best you can but it is not essential for us to accept it.

From experience, we know there are certain industries that require time-critical and possibly confidential items to be delivered in a matter of minutes and on a regular basis. If this applies to you, we recommend setting up an account with us so that the process is even smoother and with loyalty discounts.