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HGV Shortages – What can retailers do to combat the haulage crises

The government is introducing temporary visas for 5,000 fuel tanker and food lorry drivers to work in the UK in the run-up to Christmas.

How serious has the problem become?

A significant shortage in HGV drivers in Europe and the UK has adequately highlighted the complex and fragile nature of the global haulage industry. A crises in fuel supplies and food shortages accompanied by panicked and somewhat controversial rescue plans from the government, has proven truck drivers and HGV companies to be the invaluable backbone of a contemporary and ever shifting international and local economy. So just how do you as a company facilitate your customer needs, as heavy goods and pallet deliveries come under pressure? The first step in this fight for logistic buoyancy is taking a customer first approach to managing stock shortages. This means ensuring that any stock advertised is available to your customers. In this case, real-time inventory in which retailers can consistently manage customer expectations is a vital.

Digital inventory software and online tools to instantly record transactions, orders and purchases combined with fast same day pallet supply and product delivery; may be the winning combination some of the leading e-commerce and supply companies are using. If companies can master online stock and inventory updates with reliable haulage companies; urgent HGV and same day pallet deliveries no longer need to suffer under tactless government plans and mounting restrictions.

Drink pallet delivery, urgent food pallet delivery, building material transportation as well as other companies that rely on heavy goods services may seem to have taken a hit with the recent driver shortage. However there is still hope for the logistics industry and clients and customers who benefit from this intricate nexus of transportation, might still be able to get their logistical needs met. Both small and large businesses may now be relying on local HGV companies in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and many more major cities in the UK rather than larger domestic companies that have been more affected by the recent driver shortage.

In short, when the wider foundations of the haulage industry begin to collapse under the bureaucratic weight of parliament, manage online expectations and go local. These companies are often cheaper, faster, more attentive and professional, all the factors that need to be apparent in order to create a worthwhile valued customer experience.

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