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High Value & Fragile Couriers:
Fast, Reliable, Nationwide!

Our High Value & Fragile Goods same day courier services are focused on getting your time-critical parcels to their destination in the shortest possible time at the best price for a collection within 60 minutes – guaranteed.

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Our Customers

Looking for a reliable same day high value & fragile couriers?

When it comes to transporting fragile and high-value goods, utmost care and attention are crucial right from the beginning. Our direct service is essential for successful and time-sensitive delivery of high-value items.

We have securely delivered a wide range of high-value and fragile items, including watches, wines, antiques, laptops, furniture, and more.

Our experienced team understands the importance of handling these items with the utmost care and ensures their safe and secure transportation to their destination.

Trust us to deliver your valuable possessions with precision and professionalism, giving you peace of mind throughout the journey.

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Our Vehicles

Motorcycle Couriers
Top Box dimensions 30cm x 23cm x 23cm. Maximum weight 10kg Perfect for documents and small items
Car Couriers
Car - Ideal for small parcels. Max total carrying weight of combined multiple items: 200 kg (no single item should be more than 50kg).
Small Van Couriers
Max Load 600kg, Height 1.0m, Length 1.5m. Width 1.2m, Width (Wheel Arches): 1.0m. Carries: 1 x Standard Pallet.
Short Wheel Base Van
Max Load 900kg, Height 1.3m, Length 2.3m to 2.4m, Width: 1.4m to 1.6, Width (Wheel Arches): 1.25m, Carries: 2 x Standard Pallets.
Long Wheel Base Van
Max Load 1300kg, Height 1.75m, Length 3.2m to 3.6m, Width (Wheel Arches): 1.3m, Carries: 3 x Standard Pallets
XL Wheel Base Van
Max Load: 1200kg, Height: 1.83m, Length: 4.0m to 4.2m, Width: 1.7m, Width (Wheel Arches): 1.3m, Carries: 4 x Standard Pallets
Luton Van
Max Load: 1200kg, Height: 2.0m, Length: 4.0m, Width: 2.0m, Carries: 6 x Standard Pallets
Luton Tail Lift Van
Max Load: 500-1000kg, Height: 2.0m, Length: 4.0m, Width: 2.0m, Carries: 6 x Standard Pallets, Tail Lift Carry Capacity: 500 - 1000kg
7.5 Tonne Truck
Max Load: 2800kg, Height: 2,2m, Length: 6.0m, Width: 2.4m, Carries: 10 x Standard Pallets
12 Tonne Truck
Max Load: 5500kg, Height: 2.45m, Length: 6.7m, Width: 2.4m, Carries: 15 x Standard Pallets
18 Tonne Truck
18 Tonne Truck - Max Load: 9000kg, Height: 2.20m, Length: 7.0m, Width: 2.4m, Carries: 14 x Standard Pallets
A variety of different trailer sizes – call us to discuss your requirements on 0207 101 5447.

Safe. Secure. Reliable.

At Same Day Team, we pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service, prompt deliveries, and competitive prices. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist you with your courier needs and provide updates on the progress of your deliveries.

Why Choose Us

Same Day Delivery
Swift and efficient same day service for urgent shipments, ensuring time-critical deadlines are met.
Extensive network and reach across the country, allowing us to deliver your packages anywhere, anytime.
Reliable & Secure
Trustworthy couriers and stringent security protocols for the safe transportation of your valuable items.
Customisable options to suit your specific requirements, ensuring a personalised and optimised delivery experience.
Customer Support
Dedicated customer service team committed to providing exceptional assistance and resolving any concerns.
Affordable rates that offer excellent value for money, without compromising on the speed and quality of our service

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Don’t let deadlines stress you out – contact us today and experience the convenience and reliability of our same day courier services.

Our friendly staff are ready to assist you and provide customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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